American Apostolic Catholic Church
Diocese of Michigan-Georgia-Minnesota
An Old Catholic Jurisdiction


Church of St. Matthias

Faith Empowerment Community Georgia

Servants of Christ

Book of
Common Life

(pdf file)

Declaration of Utrecht

Who We Are Not

Short History
of the
Old Catholic Church

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Mission Statment

As part of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church,
our mission is rooted
in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We provide an affirming, evangelical,
and sacramental presence to all
in their diversity.

We, as an ecumenical community,
strive for the prophetic work of
fostering unity while celebrating
the various faith traditions among
Christians in accord with Jesus' prayer
" ... that we all may be one."

As a servant people of God,
we are called to ministries that are
loving, inclusive, and justice bearing
for the sake of God's reign
by breaking down the divisions
among the human family.

We invite you to read our
Book of Common Life (the theological
perspective and organizational framework
of our church in Adobe pdf format)
look at our individual communities web sites,
and contact us for more information
or to join our fellowship of Christian love and service.

If you feel you have a vocation as a deacon or priest
or are already ordained & desire
to serve the People of God in our church,
click here.

christpantacrator.gif (90502 bytes)
Icon of Jesus Pantacrator
St. Catherine's Monastery
Mt. Sinai, Egypt.

St. Catherine's  Monastery
was built during the reign of
Roman Emperor Justinian, (527-565).
This is the oldest existing icon of Jesus,
made of wax on wood.